My Role as Student Liaison – Tim den Engelsen

Advocis-Tim.jpgI am a Financial Planning Diploma student in my 2nd year of studies at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) where I act as President of the school's Financial Planning Association (BCIT FPA). A student-led club, the BCIT FPA was formed in fall 2015 to provide opportunities for aspiring financial service professionals to illuminate their career paths and has grown significantly in size and reputation in its first year. Additionally, I am ambassador and committee member to a non-profit called GradusOne. At GradusOne I help to provide a variety of tools for young people to explore and focus their professional future. These two roles place me in a unique position to connect with potential future advisors across Greater Vancouver.

My work with Advocis began after reaching out to ZLC Financial on behalf of the BCIT FPA. I was introduced to Cory Murphy, current President of Advocis and VP of Sales and Marketing at ZLC, who was generous enough to sit down and meet with me. During our meeting, Cory expressed his desire to have aspiring advisors involved with Advocis at the grassroots level and suggested I sit on the board to help in this capacity. Seeing this as a fantastic opportunity for the BCIT FPA and for Advocis I gratefully accepted.

As I learn more about the financial services profession, my commitment to the Advocis mission has grown stronger. Through the BCIT curriculum, a summer internship with S. Vaughn Wealth Management, and Advocis board meetings; I have become increasingly aware of the complex and stringent regulatory environment advisors are faced with. Legislation, which is supposed to improve accountability, is adversely effecting client service and leaving low-income investors empty handed. This is a troubling trend, and the imperative to have an effective advocacy group for financial advisors and their clients is greater than ever. It is my privilege to be able to help in that regard.

My goal in this position is to help students and future advisors understand the importance of this mission. By making Advocis events and educational opportunities more accessible to students, my hope is that they form an appreciation and commitment to the association that endures as their careers progress. It is my biased opinion, that creating a lasting partnership between Advocis and the financial planning students at BCIT is the best way to start. A 2-year program featuring a mentorship program and industry-trained instructors, there is no better place to find so many promising future advisors in one room. However, it is my goal to expand the focus to include other campus’ and students of financial planning as well.

I would welcome anyone, either aspiring student or established professional, to contact me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. I can be reached at or on LinkedIn. Alternatively, the BCIT Financial Planning Association can be contacted at

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