The Dynamics of Business Management - Submitted by Andre Vincent

The Dynamics of Business Management

Regardless of at what level you believe your business is operating, whether you have documented it or not, it was built based on your vision.

What did we ever do before the era of the digital camera?  Remember when you had to have your film developed in order to see if anyone closed their eyes?  The introduction of the Digital camera has given us the opportunity to view photographs prior to publishing them to various media: facebook, digital frames, e-mail, print...  Simply put, digital cameras provide instant feedback to help us make faster and better decisions about the pictures we have taken; “That one isn’t any good, your eyes were closed.”  Despite all the advancements in technology, we have yet to have an inventi that allows us to see into the future.  Would it not make growing your business easier?  Having the ability to take a snapshot today of what your business will look like in three, five, or ten years, look at it on that little screen, and decide whether or not you like what you see.  Then, after making the necessary adjustments, take another picture… and repeat.

Unfortunately, we do not have a future revealing camera available.  And, it would be tedious and time consuming to go through the process of taking photograph after photograph, while making the necessary adjustments.  After all, you do need to generate revenue at some point.  What we do have instead, is the ability to invest time today to think, imagine, and discuss where you see yourself and your business in three, five, or ten years.  Think of an old Polaroid picture… this was advanced technology at the time – after you take the picture, you remove the photo from the camera.  You fan it in the air, which, by the way, does absolutely nothing to help develop the picture, watch intently as the picture starts to appear, fan it some more, and wait until you have a full picture clearly in focus.  Your vision of your business and you life is like this – when clearly in focus, it becomes more real and attainable.

Take time to develop a clear vision of your future.  It is not enough to state, “We will be the pre-eminent financial planning firm in our area.”  Because, how will you recognize it when it happens?  Quantify your vision.  Measurement is necessary to make your vision real, and to assess your progress on the way to achieving it.  Once you have documented what you are looking for, every step you take from this point forward should be in the spirit of realizing your vision.

Andre Vincent


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