Advocis Greater Vancouver Seminar: The Design of Performance and Building Your Own Brand

Terminal City Club, Vancouver BC
Thursday, November 22, 2018 - 8:00am - 10:00am

Seminar by Executive Coach: Treya Klassen

Treya works with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, the likes of Chip Wilson and Jack Ma (Alibaba). She has also been shortlisted as one of Canada’s most influential business women. Don’t miss this exclusive Advocis Vancouver opportunity to learn how to build your financial brand from Treya Klassen, high performance business coach and CEO. Treya is committed to creating strong brands that stand out from the rest.

Making your Breakthrough Performance

What causes breakthrough performance?

  • Discover what causes breakthrough performance, that is sustainable and duplicatable.
  • Learn what high performance athletes can teach us about building your financial business.

How do I build a brand, and a business that people want to be a part of?

  • Create and generate a following verses selling and finding customers.

About Treya Klassen

Treya has over 30 + years of experience in building brands, culture and apparel related sales, product development, design, brand development, and manufacturing. As a results-oriented entrepreneur, Treya is responsible for creating and sourcing innovative design & product, high functioning teams, building company culture, and leading companies and organizations to be the most innovative and successful in the industry. She also has 19 years of leadership, coaching, seminar, team, and workshop training. In addition, she leads numerous seminars and guest speaking engagements on how to increase performance and communications that make a difference. Treya is a high performance coach working with visionary leaders all over North America, creating and building business that makes a difference.


8:00 AM - Registration, Breakfast

8:30 AM - Advocacy Update

9:00 AM - Presentation by Treya Klassen

10:00 AM - Guest departure


Members: $61.95
Non-Members: $78.75
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