January 2012 Membership Milestones

Advocis Vancouver would like to recognize the following members celebrating membership milestones in January 2012!

2011 Business in Vancouver Insert

This year, Advocis Vancouver and the Vancouver Foundation sponsored Business in Vancouver's 5th annual supplement on the theme of Charitable Giving and Business Succession Planning. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

View the insert.

2011 State of the Union Address - as presented at the 2011 Advocis Vancouver Annual General Meeting

After posting a small profit in 2009 we slid back with a loss in 2010.  Revenue was slightly down but it was the increased costs of services that pulled us down.  We continue to have a solid financial base with total assets of $196k and equity of $160k.  I have a few copies here and copies are available through our treasurer or our support office.

Questions Wanted - 2011 Planning School Panel Discussion

September & October Membership Milestones!

We have several membership anniversaries to announce and would like to recognize the members as follows:

10 years:

David Dalton, CFP, CLU, RHU of Chilliwack
Greg Armstrong, CFP of Coquitlam
Ron Young of North Vancouver
Thomas Choy, CFP, CLU of Vancouver

15 years:

Call for Volunteer - Facilitator for Protect Your Practice Seminar - Thursday, October 13, 2011

Attention members, we are looking for a facilitator for the Protect Your Practice seminar on October 13th

Call for Volunteer - Facilitator for Advisor Business Building Course - Friday, September 30, 2011

Attention members, we are looking for a facilitator for the ABBC - Workshop 4 on September 30th

Comments on Finances at Mid-Year

The year is half over and my, how time flies.   As we all know, there are two sides to an income statement....revenue and expenses.   My thanks go out to the volunteers who have helped host many events so far this year and have kept their expenses under budget.   That’s the expense part of the income statement.  The revenue part hasn’t enjoyed the

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Canada Life

First Quarter in Review

This was supposed to be a blog about the first quarter but looking at the date today it looks like I am going to be writing about the first third of the year.  Here is a rundown of what happened:

  • We started the year with a fantastic program event in January with Doug Carroll who provided a Tax and Estate Snapshot for 2011 and Gerry Matier on the organization of the Insurance
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